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with videoIt’s the power song of all power ballads, Celine Dions My heart will go on. hit turnout Titanic The new look was created by former Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger. It made quite an impression with its hard rock version, in which it uses Led Zeppelin as a source of inspiration.

Marlisse Van Leeuwen

In the new season of the American musical show This is my jam There is a part in it, presenter Jimmy Fallon, who is famous in the Netherlands The Tonight Show, has a singer spinning a wheel to choose a song and an artist he or she must perform that song in mind. Nicole Scherzinger gets a seemingly impossible combo on Tuesday night, as can be seen in the preview. She must My heart will go on by Celine Dion, but in the version of the rock band Led Zeppelin, known for its classics, among other things ladder to heaven.

Scherzinger is not afraid. The band uses heavy guitar riffs and the singer uses her vibrato style to give the song a Robert Plant vibrato from Zeppelin. In the studio, listeners were very impressed, as was a major music site reviewer painting. She sings enthusiastically and hits the nail on the head on this one impressions wheel-Game’. also louder voice Appreciates her and writes: “She gives everything.”

Nicole Scherzinger sings “My Heart Will Go On” in the style of Led Zeppelin. © The Tonight Show / NBC

The video has already been viewed 1 million times on Facebook in just a few hours. On Instagram, the clip garnered nearly 100,000 likes in just a few hours, twice as many as host Jimmy Fallon’s other posts. One commented, “She is one of our most underrated female singers.” “She needs to make this official,” says another. “Nicole doesn’t get enough credit, she can sing!”

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Scherzinger is best known in the Netherlands as the singer of the former girl group The Pussycat Dolls with hits such as don’t cha And buttons. It is also hosted in the United States The Masked Singer He was a judge on the UK and US editions x factor.

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