Ex-Trump employees summoned to participate in the storming of the Capitol

The US House of Representatives committee investigating the storming of the Capitol earlier this year has summoned six former aides to former President Donald Trump. The committee has announced on Monday. Michael Flynn, Trump’s national security adviser for a while, William Stebbin, director of Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign, and Jason Miller, campaign adviser, were asked to make statements.

Benny Thompson, the committee’s chair, said in a statement that Trump’s closest confidants were partly responsible for the break-in due to a “campaign full of disinformation.” He said the committee “needs to know every detail about their efforts to reverse the election, including who they spoke to in the White House and Congress, what connections they had with rallies that escalated into riots, and who did all of this.”

The Democratic-led committee wants the summons to sit for a statement between November 30 and December 13. It is not certain if they will actually appear. In the past month, several close associates of former President Trump, including ideologist Steve Bannon, were summoned. Bannon informed his attorney that he would not appear. The investigative committee stated that it wanted to prosecute Bannon for “contempt of Congress“While he hasn’t already attended.

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