Exceptional: For the first time since 1909, the giant moon can be seen on King’s Day | The interior

In a super moon, the full moon appears about 7% larger and 14% brighter than normal.

The weather helps to see the supernatural moon that does not happen once in a lifetime. The chance of qualifying is high on Tuesday. Veil clouds may also pass over our country and that could lead to another special phenomenon: one superkoningsmaanhalo. This is a circle around Super King Moon, according to a WireLine report.

The full moon rises on Tuesday at 9:40 pm in the southeast. The giant moon is most beautiful during moonrise, when the full moon is low in the sky.


It is extremely rare for a giant moon and a royal holiday to coincide. The last time we had a Super Queen Moon was on Queen’s Day on August 31, 1909, when Wilhelmina was queen. It’s also rare for a “normal” full moon during a royal holiday. The next time the full moon falls again on April 27th it will be in 2040.

During a giant moon, the moon is about 17,000 miles closer to Earth.

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