Exciting: These celebrities participate in the VIPs of the Special Forces

These celebrities dare it: Alkan Cöklü, Hannelore Zwitserlood, Gaby Blaaser, Dave Roelvink, Tim Haars, Roy Meyer, Giel Beelen, Jamie Trenité, Nouchka Fontijn and Imanuelle Grives. Media personalities completely give up control and go to the eastern European country of Slovenia to receive a difficult training.

In the program they give up literally everything: their well-being, their possessions, their personality, their ego, their status. For two weeks, they join the Special Forces in their toughest military training and experience first-hand what a human can do, push their limits and confront their worst fears.

So it’s no surprise that Dave Rolvink called this adventure “the most intense” he’s ever done, as the reality star wrote on Instagram.

According to Erik Wegewijs, a former officer in the Special Forces, the program focuses, among other things, on the behavior of Dutch celebrities when they are under constant pressure, have no status, no security and no foothold. “We tell them when, how and why they leave their comfort zone. The question is whether they are able to think for themselves outside of this, or whether they are driven by emotions.”

VIP Special Forces Depends on the international format SAS Celebrities: Who dares win, which takes place in England, the United States and France, among other countries.

From December 5, another Videoland coagulation program will start: traitors. Are you curious to know which Dutch celebrities are involved in this game full of excitement and deception? All participants pass the video below.

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