Exclusive Coverage: Inside Israeli hospital during Unprecedented Hamas terror attacks that led to 700 people treated within 18 hours

Soroka Medical Center: A Beacon of Hope Amidst Chaos in Southern Israel

In the midst of the recent spate of Hamas terrorist attacks on Southern Israel, Soroka Medical Center has emerged as a symbol of resilience and compassion. Located just 25 miles from the Gaza Strip, this remarkable medical facility has been tirelessly treating the wounded, despite being under constant threat.

Within the first 18 hours of the attacks, Soroka Medical Center received an astounding 700 patients. The hospital staff demonstrated unwavering dedication as they treated the injured amidst falling bombs and blaring air raid sirens. Doctors even performed surgeries in unconventional places, such as the emergency department, to cope with the overwhelming influx of patients.

The injuries observed at Soroka were markedly different from those typically seen in military conflicts. Young civilians, lacking any protective gear, arrived with extreme wounds inflicted by indiscriminate gunshots. One heartbreaking case involved a pregnant woman who had been shot in the abdomen, resulting in the tragic loss of her unborn baby.

The immense stress experienced by the hospital staff was further compounded by the fact that they left behind family members in the danger zone. Knowing that their loved ones were potential targets of Hamas terrorists certainly added an extra layer of anxiety to an already perilous situation.

Some critically injured patients were transported to Soroka by helicopter, while others arrived via ambulance or even had to hike to the highway to be picked up by compassionate passersby. The hospital swiftly made arrangements to transport the initial 700 patients out of the facility to make room for the expected influx of more wounded citizens.

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Despite the immense challenges faced by Soroka, the indomitable spirit of the medical staff remains unshakeable. They anticipate that casualties will continue to pour in, but their unwavering commitment to saving lives is steadfast. Soroka Medical Center stands as a beacon of hope and solidarity for the people of Southern Israel during these trying times.

As Soroka Medical Center remains at the forefront of this crisis, the world watches in awe at the resilience of these healthcare heroes. The relentless dedication they display in the face of grave danger and adversity is a testament to the unwavering human spirit and serves as an inspiration for us all.

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