Exclusive video: McLaren Artura in detail

Autovisie unveils the McLaren Artura and takes you along the freshest sports coupe farmhouse. You can hear and see all the details in this video!

This past January, McLaren secretly showed off the new Artura to a select number of potential buyers and McLaren enthusiasts. To this end, McLaren has created a space in a number of places in Europe, where one of the pre-production versions can be seen. Autovisie has been granted access to the enclosed space. At the end of the session, we had the opportunity to drive around in the car with a photographer to introduce the sports coupe to his fans. The conditions weren’t designed for that, but we still wanted to give you a detailed first look at the best English athlete.

My retired 1 month McLaren

What does the name Artura mean?

Artura is a name that comes from the merger of Art and Future. The sports car division of the Formula 1 racing stable indicates where the highway cars of the future are headed. McLaren’s future is electricity. Of course, McLaren has already delivered the iconic P1, but now nine years later, the delivery technology is available for production models. The automaker will supply the lion’s share of its production line with electricity for the foreseeable future.

McLaren Artura

Higher performance, much lower BPM

With electrics, it opted for the McLaren P1 for a higher level of performance. With the Artura, the electric power also adds extra power to the powertrain, but the electric motor also ensures that the sports coupe is of less CO2 value. Not only does this reduce emissions, but in the Netherlands it contributes to lowering the fines tax.

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McLaren Artura

McLaren Artura available

McLaren has now started producing the Artura. So it was necessary to finish building the sports series last December. The newcomer will be available this spring. It debuted as a coupe. Later on, McLaren will come with an open version.

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Exclusive video: McLaren Artura in detail

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