Expandable Pipe Sheet in Drawer Cabinet – Installatie.nl

A smart solution for tight tech space in a drawer cabinet. Expandable tubing plate with heat pump attachments. The pipe panel that GeBa Installies used is completely pre-fabricated.

from The installer of Nijkerkerveen I was challenged when building 26 new homes in Barnefield. The technical space under the drawer cabinet was compact to allow access to a good maintenance installation, where there is also a place to set up the tower and spool. . The width of the total cabinet space is 93 cm, of which the heat pump occupies 60 cm. The smart pipe panel now fits the remaining 33 cm.


At the bottom of the plate that can be moved to the side, the valves are made. The joints are flexible at the top. This allows the maintenance engineer to move the entire panel aside, while still applying pressure to the fitting. This saves time in maintenance. Watch the video at the bottom of this post. (text continues below images)

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