Expensive Accidents and Struggles With New Williams: Latifi Season Beginning ‘Too Hard’

Three race weekends, three accidents, zero points: It’s a painful harvest for Nicholas Latifi, Williams admits the start of the driving season has not been easy for him.

The Canadian says to himself Formula1.com He is delighted that teammate Alexander Alban has taken Williams’ first point of 2022 in Australia. “I’m so excited for the team as we are going through a very difficult start to this season,” he said.

If Williams makes a significant step forward in 2021, it will be much harder this year to get to Q1 in the first qualifying round. Latifi says the team’s FW44 looks less competitive than the 2021 FW43B, and the team is still looking for “balance and speed”.

Expensive accidents

Latifi crashed twice in Saudi Arabia and then had a big hit after a notable incident with fellow Lance Stroll in Melbourne, and it is not surprising that Latifi was talking about a tough start.

Williams notes that Latifi caused the necessary damage Vehicle Performance Leader Opposite is Dave Robson GPFans Obviously not what you want, but not a big disaster. “When you go to tracks like Jetta or Melbourne, you know the walls are close and accidents are around the corner.”

“So you take it into account when it comes to your budget,” Robson insists. “You set aside a portion of your budget for that.” Of course accidents do not help, especially small spare parts, but according to Robson, new parts are often better because the pace of growth is so fast.

Of course, he continues, set up a team to match Budget cap Conversely not much money is allocated for repairs and spare parts. Robson says, “But you have to use it a lot,” which is part of the game. Budget cap⁇

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