Experts think Joey Firman succeeds in Eindhoven: “This is how the Dutch national team appears in the picture”

Joey Fermann has been transferred from FC Heerenveen to Eindhoven perfectly sound. Former coach Robert Molinar and friend Alex Platt, with whom he ran the entire youth academy at FC Volendam, have highlighted the 23-year-old’s Volendamer transfer dream.

Robert Molinar and Alex Platt highlight Joey Firman’s transfer – professional footage

Robert Molinar (NAC O21 coach and former Volendam coach from 2015-2017): “This is a step as it should be. Every now and then we talk on the phone and then interested foreign clubs from England or Italy come forward as well. Only then is there a risk that if you don’t perform you will be left out of the picture. Now I congratulate him via the app, because that’s the path you want to go. And if he continues to develop in this way, the Dutch national team will also come into the picture. I have complete confidence in Joy.”

“Knowing Joey, he doesn’t get stressed that easily”

Volendam player Alex Platt

Alex Platt (went through the youth academy at FC Volendam with Fermann): “That’s just a great turnaround. As he himself said: ‘To number one in Holland’. It could be worse, haha. It was about to happen that he’d move, given his development. Joy told me that too. We often sit down with a few.” From our former teammates for a cup of coffee. Knowing Joey, he doesn’t get nervous that easily. It doesn’t matter where he plays. When he’s at the ball, he puts them all over the place. I think he’ll get better.”

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Robert Molinar changed Joey Veerman – Pro Shots / Martijn Buskermolen

FC Volendam

Joey Firman made his professional football debut in September 2016 under coach Robert Molinar in his Volendam debut.

Robert Miller: “How he plays on the field in Volendam, he also plays in De Kuip. At the time, he was playing unimpeded and often going well, but that openness is also his strength. He doesn’t get upset easily. Soon he looked as Had he been playing at Volendam’s base for years. He adapted quickly to the level. I expect he will do the same now at PSV He knows almost no pressure and can handle expectations very well. Very well. It is sometimes said that he seems terse, but I never think so. .”

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“How he plays in Volendam Arena, he also plays in De Kuip”

Coach Robert Miller

Alex Platt: “We played together all our guys in FC Volendam. Hurry up to the first. We almost lost each other, because Joey went a little faster. This boy can play football well. His crosses are always good, you can always reply to him, with a man or Two men in the back. It doesn’t matter. He always does something with him. He now also does his defensive duties well. In the past, Ali and Gary Flack often had to clean up. It’s a good thing This is also essential if you want to take that step into Eindhoven and then the Dutch national team? In the short term I don’t know, but in the long term I think it will happen. I will put my money on it to spread it.”

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Professional shots / Jasper Roh


Robert Miller: “I would strongly advise against driving back and forth on a daily basis. All his choices at the moment should be around development and performance and that does not include the many hours in the car. After training or competing you have to give your body a rest and recover. So it is best that Joey lives in Eindhoven.”

“He’s not used to sitting on the sofa”

Volendam player Alex Platt

Alex Platt: “It is a prejudice that people from Volendam cannot live outside Volendam. I think he would feel at home there. If he wanted to go home for a day, he would go back to Volendam. It would benefit him. He should do it.” Where he feels good. Joey is really a family member or wants to be with his friends. It will now be a little lower. In Heerenveen, he cycled up and down a lot. We see each other every week. The only pitfall I can imagine is “I can say he might not play at first. There are a lot of good players around PSV, so he might have to be patient. He’s not used to being on the bench.”

Joey Ferman was recently a guest on De Aftrap. Watch the episode below.

Match 9 kicks off with Jan Smit and Joy Fermann – NH Sport / Edward Decker

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