Exploring the Gaza Hospital Blast: French Intel suggests a Palestinian Rocket as a Probable Cause

Title: French Intelligence Agency Suggests Palestinian Misfiring Rocket behind Gaza Hospital Explosion

In a recent development, France’s military intelligence agency has reportedly concluded that a misfiring Palestinian rocket was the probable cause of the devastating explosion at Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza. This finding comes after days of conflicting accounts regarding who was responsible for the attack.

The Directorate of Military Intelligence (DRM) stated that the explosion bears resemblances to rockets commonly used by Palestinians, with the impact crater being too small to have been caused by an Israeli missile. The DRM’s evaluation was based on classified information, satellite imagery, intelligence shared by other countries, and open-source information.

Amidst the ambiguity surrounding the incident, French President Emmanuel Macron instructed the DRM to share its findings to shed light on the matter. Palestinian officials swiftly blamed an Israeli airstrike for the hospital explosion, while Israel claimed it resulted from a misfiring rocket launched by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, who denies involvement.

Adding to the contentious nature of the incident, an investigation conducted by Al Jazeera has challenged Israeli claims. The media outlet suggests that a flash captured during a live news broadcast was unrelated to a misfiring rocket. However, the United States’s National Security Council has provided its “current assessment” that Israel is not responsible for the tragic event.

While Palestinian officials reported a death toll of 471, the DRM believes that the figure may be lower than initially reported. The United Nations has called for an independent investigation into the explosion and has emphasized the vital need for accountability in light of this catastrophic incident.

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As questions continue to circulate regarding the true cause behind the hospital explosion, an independent investigation will be critical in uncovering the facts and determining the party responsible. The international community eagerly awaits concrete evidence and objective findings to shed light on this tragic incident in Gaza, urging accountability for the loss of innocent lives.

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