“Extended curfew, wait for the effect” • The decline in the Eurozone is smaller than expected

“The curfew is extended for at least two weeks.” That’s what Mark Ponten, a medical microbiologist and member of the Outbreak Management Team (OMT), advises to the Cabinet.

He said on NPO Radio 1 Now, after primary schools are open, all other measures must remain in place 1op1. “This is also evident in OMT advice. As long as we don’t know what the effect is, I don’t think we should change the curfew, because we really need it to reduce the R value even more.”

The doctor who specializes in microbiology added that the cabinet may have non-medical reasons to cancel the curfew. “Which can.”

OMT’s advice states that “potential negative impacts” of reopening primary schools and childcare appear possible “as other measures will be preserved for the time being”.

Cabinet sources told NOS last week that the curfew will be withdrawn on February 10 if the number of infections continues to decline. This has been the case in recent weeks. Yesterday the lowest number of infections was reported since October 1.

On Sunday, Minister of Education Slube announced the reopening of primary schools next Monday. Yesterday, heads of municipalities in the Security Council warned the Council of Ministers to re-impose a curfew after a few weeks if it is abolished.

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