Eye Art and Film Prize for Activist Film Collective Grabbing

Carrolling Film Collective films, mainly shot with iPhones, are characterized by 'enhancing reality'.  Image Grabbing Movie Joint
Carrolling Film Collective films, mainly shot with iPhones, are characterized by ‘enhancing reality’.Image Grabbing Movie Joint

“Their powerful, thought-provoking films and installations show light-heartedness, freedom and humor, but also show an urgency to investigate contemporary social inequality. We are pleased to announce that Carrolling Film Collective is our seventh winner. ”

Grabing emerged in 2008 as a kind of activist civil movement. According to co-founders Cecilia Lewis, Rex Edmunds and Linda Yarrow, the idea behind Garabing is to “keep members’ own parts strong by strengthening the family, environment and symbolic relationships that make up their areas.” The name means ‘low tide’ in Emmyengel, which refers to a kind of collectiveness outside the constraints imposed by the government. Clanship Or land ownership. Collective filmmaking is approached as a form of self-organization and as a means of exploring the current social inequalities and the long-term effects of colonial power.

Improving reality

Carrolling film collective films, mainly filmed with iPhones, are characterized by ‘advanced realism’ and ignore the fierce division between fiction and documentary and the past and present. The works have been screened at film festivals around the world, at educational and cultural institutions in London, including Tate Modern, Jakarta Pinnacle, Center Pompeo in Paris, Berlinale and Moma PS1 in New York.

Stadellijk Museum Wooder in 2019: Salt water dreams (2016), in which members of an aboriginal Australian family offer three different versions of their boat damage. Earlier last year, the Rotterdam Film Festival dedicated an event to the Grabbing Film Collective around the IFFR World premiere. Day in life: ‘A perfect introduction and a perfect summary of their discourse’. The film shows the obstacles that arise four times in their day. In the layered hip-hop soundscape, the helpless statements of the white media will eventually lead to words of powerful protest. One of their most recent works is the multifaceted art project The Family, which is part of the Return to Earth project, which aims to create a cultural heritage area.

25,000 British pounds

The Eye Prize was established in 2015 by the I Film Museum and the Bedi & Joan Le Fermore Arts Fund. GBP can realize new creations with a 25,000 year gift. In 2022 the Eye Film Museum is organizing an exhibition of the Carrapping Film Collective works with the winners of the last two years: Kahlil Joseph (2020) and Mary Pennani (2019). Previous winners are Francis Alice (2018), Wang Ping (2017), Ben Rivers (2016) and Hitto Steele (2015).

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