F1 in brief | Perez replaces ICE and receives a five-place penalty in Austin

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Perez replaces ICE and receives a five-place penalty in Austin

The FIA ​​has confirmed that Sergio Perez has replaced the internal combustion engine (ICE) for the US Grand Prix. This is his fifth time of the season with the Mexican, which means he has to take a five-position penalty. Furthermore, he and teammate Max Verstappen are replacing the exhaust. Both men can still do it within the regulations so there will be no penalty for that. So in the fight for second place in the championship, Perez may have to make up some places in the race against Charles Leclerc.

The FIA ​​will not rotate race directors for the rest of 2022

The FIA ​​takes place on Friday of the Grand Prix weekend in the United States at a permit She announced that she would not return to rotate with race directors for the final four races of the season. From the Grand Prix of the Circuit of the Americas to the end of the season in Abu Dhabi, Nils Wittich will take care of the honors. This means that Eduardo Freitas will not return in 2022.

Alfa Romeo closes deal with law firm for weekend in Austin

Alfa Romeo has found a new partner for the weekend of the US Grand Prix at Shoop. Hinwill-based team reports on your own site They will partner with Shoop, a law firm, for a weekend in Austin. As part of the partnership, the US company’s name will be on side pods from C42.

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Perez does not have to rely on gifts from Verstappen

Sergio Perez doesn’t have to count on gifts from Max Verstappen for a P2 tournament fight. This is what the Dutch Red Bull Racing driver says telegraph. “He knows what he has to do to get second and that’s to finish before Charles. As a team we always try to be first and second, but as a driver I always want to win. What happens on the last lap in Mexico next week, if I’m in the lead and he’s Sergio behind me? Then I won. Because in this scenario he also gets more points than Leclerc. But first let’s prove that we really are competitive.

Latifi dismisses IndyCar rumors: ‘A little funny’

Nicholas Latifi is rumored to be heading to American IndyCar on the other side motorsports in the wind. The Canadian is leaving Williams after this season and is still looking at his options for 2023. The 27-year-old has been linked with a seat at Chip Ganassi Racing, where Jimmie Johnson is leaving and retiring. Latifi himself sees nothing in these rumours.

I’m not stuck anywhere yet. I haven’t signed anything yet. I still don’t have any concrete news to report,” Latifi admits. He’s been getting IndyCar rumors for the past few days. I thought this was a bit funny. I’ve talked to different teams in different seasons and haven’t said to myself yet: Well, that’s all or nothing. So there is still a lot in the air.

Haas announces money transfer company as new property sponsor

The team announced Thursday afternoon that Haas has found a new brand sponsor at MoneyGram. MoneyGram is an American money transfer company founded in 1980. Beginning in 2023, the company will appear on Haas Automobiles and Apparel as the new main sponsor. It is Haas’ third sponsor after Rich Energy (2019) and Uralkali (2021).

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Singapore gets a new tentative layout

The Marina Bay Street Circuit will look a little different in 2023. Due to a planned renovation around the circuit, the section from Turn 16 to Turn 19 will temporarily disappear. In 2023, the 15th floor will follow a straight track approximately 400m in height. Work will begin in March 2023 and will be completed by the end of 2026.

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Mercedes updates bring serious weight reduction and improved airflow

Mercedes will bring a final package of updates this weekend. The German racing stable has yet to officially announce the parts that are of interest to him, but according to Formu1a.uno It’s a front spoiler, a new floor and a few other small details. This should reduce the weight by about five pounds and improve airflow over the vehicle.

Horner was asked if he would ever kick Mercedes out of Formula 1

Christian Horner would not remove Mercedes from Formula 1 if he had the opportunity to do so. Here’s what the Red Bull Racing team boss had to say in the podcast CEO Diary. “No, because it’s nice to race against a team of this caliber,” the Englishman explains. “They raised the bar and we had to raise it higher to beat them,” Horner said. “The satisfaction this gives him is enormous.”

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