F1 short | Binotto: “ We have reached the minimum level of our goal ”

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Binotto: “ We have reached the minimum level of our goal ”

According to Mattia Binotto, Ferrari has reached its minimum target for 2021, and the head of the racing team reports the opposite. Motorsport-Total.com. What was the goal ?: We wanted to have a better car than last year. We succeeded, explains the Italian CEO. Binotto also maintains that Ferrari will not be competing for the top spots in the short term, but it will be disappointing in the long run if there is no progress for the team.

Hamilton: Monaco reminds me of Sina and Lauda

The Monaco Grand Prix automatically reminds Lewis Hamilton of Ayrton Senna and Nikki Lauda, ​​and says otherwise. Automatic printing: ‘In 2019, it was very difficult for all of us, because we had just lost Lauda. It was a lot of fun winning the race for him. It also reminds me of the 1990 Sina Qualifiers. It looked like he was in a trance, and I hadn’t felt it before.

Schumacher eyes Monaco debut: ‘I’m excited’

Mick Schumacher is looking forward to his Formula 1 debut on the streets of Monte Carlo, he says in return Sky Germany. I’m excited, but I’m very happy too. I respect the path. It is a historic circuit in which the driver can make a difference. The biggest challenge will be the feel of a Formula 1 car. We have tunnels, narrow corners and many throttle points that can cause mistakes. The entire track is pretty cool, but in the final sector it’s exciting to drive a bigger car.

In Formula 2 in 2019, Schumacher actually led the ring once. He also has experience at the Macau Street Circuit near China: “It was a big shock at first,” says the German Cars, cars and sports. When I came to Monaco in 2019, I didn’t have it, but with the tunnel and all that surrounded it, it was still new to me. I am looking forward to getting to know the job.

Ticktum: My last chance to reach Formula 1 this year

This year is Dan Ticktum’s last chance to land in Formula 1, Formula 2 driver himself says in a chat with him Motorsports. This year is my last chance to reach Formula 1. I have no doubt that I am good enough, but unfortunately there are many factors that could play a role in being an obstacle. Currently, ex-Red Bull Williams’ skipper and current development driver is in fifth place in Formula 2.

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Formula 1 is coming to the popular Rocket League game

A spectacular novelty in the F1 virtual world: the popular game Rocket League gets expansion to Formula 1. As of May 20, all ten 2021 cars can be played in the game. However, the player is required to pay 2000 points, that is, in-game money. Rocket League is a futuristic soccer game, where you play with cars instead of real soccer players. (Image: PlayStation Europe)

Wolf receives honorary doctorate: ‘From now on everyone should call me a doctor’

Tutu Wolff received an honorary doctorate from Cranfield University for “his outstanding contribution to the economy and society”. The Mercedes captain describes it as a “special moment”. “I am very proud to receive this honorary degree from Cranfield University,” says Wolf. Formel1.de. “This is a special moment, especially due to the great cooperation between Mercedes Formula 1 team and Cranfield University over the years, which will continue into the future.” The honorary title of Team Director was awarded by Professor Sir Peter Gregson, Vice President of the University, during the annual graduation ceremony. “From now on, everyone should call me the doctor,” Wolf jokes.

Ricardo: “ I never thought Verstappen got something I didn’t get ”

Discussions have dragged on for a long time over the Red Bull Racing cars, especially their driving characteristics. Now that Sergio Perez still seemed to have a problem with his car, things are starting to get better again. However, according to Daniel Ricciardo, there is no reason to believe that driving Red Bull is easy only for Max Verstappen.

“I never thought Max got something I didn’t get,” the Australian says in a conversation. Race. So I am very clear that this is not the case. At least I didn’t feel that way. After driving a Renault and McLaren, I can deduce that nothing makes Red Bull strange or difficult to drive. Maybe Perez needs more time? Or I’m really cool! “

Unique opportunity to buy a Hamilton F1 in Silverstone

Real Formula 1 cars are rarely for sale. So it’s a unique opportunity for nearly every racing fanatic who has a large wallet to purchase an MP4-25 from Lewis Hamilton – with Hulk # 01. – when it goes up for auction during the weekend at the Grand Prix in Silverstone. The auction house RM Sotheby’s It would put this racing winning car under the hammer. Those who bid the winning will receive a McLaren, including a sharp V8, and can count on factory support from the British racing team.

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Pirelli brings the softest vehicles to Monaco

Pirelli has announced that it will transfer its thinnest three vehicles to the Monaco Grand Prix. These are C5, C4 and C3 tires, which means the C5 will be in use this weekend for the first time this season. Pirelli expects most teams to use a one-stop strategy. The tire manufacturer also says the rubber “can be heated up easily through an abundance of slow turns.”

Saward: “The Singapore Grand Prix will likely be canceled.”

The Singapore Grand Prix will likely be canceled. Joe Saward reported about it in a recent tweet. The race is scheduled to take place on October 3 and is in the middle of the triathlon, between the Grand Prix of Russia and Japan. Other events, such as the World Economic Forum, are currently being canceled. No confirmation was received from the Singapore Grand Prix organization.

= https: //twitter.com/joesaward/status/1394539380929335299 “data-service =” twitter “>

Verstappen is appearing on the cover of the new 2021 F1 game

Max Verstappen is one of the three “cover stars” for the new F1 2021 Formula 1 game, which will be released this summer. Verstappen is playing the lead role on the cover of the game with Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc. It was also announced Monday that in F1 2021, you can also race legendary drivers such as Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna and Alan Prost in the ‘My Team’ mode introduced in 2020. F1 2021 will be in stores from July 16.

= https: //twitter.com/pushsquare/status/1394310503162318851 “data-service =” twitter “>

Hülkenberg fits the chair with Aston Martin

The Nikko Hulkenberg seat was fitted to the Aston Martin AMR21. The German is working with the squad as a backup driver and preparing for a possible raid. In the video below, Aston Martin provides a glimpse of the process:

Australian GP grapples with COVID restrictions

The organization of the Australian Grand Prix has everything in place to be able to continue the race this weekend in November, yet it remains hampered by the COVID-19 restrictions in the country. The government has said Australia’s borders will remain closed until the middle of next year, according to the news agency Reuters Details of the health protocols that will allow the Formula 1 teams to travel to Australia are still under negotiation. Currently, the rule is that a person must be quarantined for a period of fourteen days upon entering the country. Consequently, the race on November 21 will be in jeopardy, as the Brazilian Grand Prix is ​​slated for November 7.

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“As you can imagine, it’s very complicated,” said Andrew Westacott, chief executive of Australia’s Grand Prix Corporation. “We will be finishing all the details in the next four to five months.” The easy solution would be that the Brazilian Grand Prix will not happen. There is currently a lot of uncertainty surrounding the race in South America. McLaren driver Daniel Ricardo recently suggested that if the Grand Prix were canceled, Australia might organize a second race. However, according to Westacott, it’s not possible: “We want to focus on staging one GP here in Melbourne on November 21.”

Formula 1 announces a new partnership with Workday

Formula 1 has entered into a new partnership with Workday. The company, which specializes in cloud applications for finance and human resources, will become a regional finance and HR partner for F1 in the UK and Germany. This shows the shared commitment of both brands to real-time decision-making and agility. The company will try to reach fans in the affected countries through social, digital and content platforms. Additionally, fans will be able to connect with Workday during a number of European Grand Prix races.

The stopping lane has been specifically chosen to reflect critical decisions made at crucial moments during the race weekend. The team that made the smartest decisions at the right time will be rewarded with an F1 “Workday Agility Award”. “While cars are the ones that usually catch the eye, it is the people behind the machines who make the sport what it is,” said Ben Pincus, F1 Business Partnerships Manager.

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