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WEST-GRAFTDIJK / ZEEWOLDE – Saturday, September 4, it’s time. Two Dutch championships in one day. They were caught in the North Holland Channel. Fabien ter Horst participated in the ladies and won! With more than 7 kilograms of fish, Zeewoldense became the winner of NK 2021.

In a year that combines extreme highs and lows, this was a wonderful moment of happiness. After twice already 4NS Thus losing the podium, it is now a hit for Fabien. The last hour and a half was very important. This was previously known due to the extensive training conducted in recent months and tuition fees from the previous NK. Fabien made his national team debut just two weeks ago during the World Cup. There they became 4NS From the world, a great start to a hopefully long Interland career. There were thirty finalists from all over the Netherlands in the women’s national championships.

With men there was almost a national title! Unfortunately, one hunter was better than Jan van de Bovenkamp who finished second at 5.5kg by only allowing one hunter in the 164 participants course. “Almost again,” was his first reaction, but after some time he was also very proud of this beautiful place on the podium. Patrick van de Bovenkamp also played a trustworthy match but did not win any awards.

After earlier in August on Lage Vaart with Team 7NS From Holland, this whipped cream on “Ons Stekkie” Zeewolde cake! “

Next Sunday there will be the next NK Feeder where the three wrestlers will be activated again. This Dutch championship is also fished in the North Holland Channel, this time around the Burmeirend.

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