Facebook is taking action against hackers in China

Facebook has attacked a group of hackers from China. The hackers allegedly attacked members of the Uyghur community living abroad. No Reports The company said in a statement. “We have cracked down on hackers in China in the security sector known as Earth Embossa or Evil Eye – for their ability to exploit our site, multiply malware, and hack people’s accounts on the Internet to use their infrastructure. , Lived in Kazakhstan, the United States, Syria, Australia, Canada and other countries. ”

China and Uyghurs

Facebook explains what the hackers did on their platform: “This function was well-fitted and had the uniqueness of a continuous operation, hiding who is behind it. On our platform, this web-spy campaign has emerged mainly in sending links to malicious websites instead of sharing the malware directly. We have seen this activity slow down at various times, probably in response to actions that disrupt the functioning of ourselves and other organizations.

Uyghurs are the Turkish people of Xinjiang (Xinjiang), a Chinese autonomous region. With a population of about 11 million, Uyghurs make up 45% of the region’s population. Uyghur belongs to the Turkish languages. Most Uighurs live in the Darim Basin, the southern part of the province and in their traditional habitats, where they make up the majority of the population of more than 80%. Uyghurs are Islamists, which is dangerous for China. That is why there have been tensions in the country for years.

For years, Uyghurs have been housed in detention centers, which, according to officials in China, are ‘training centers’ but according to Human Rights Watch the amount for detention camps. It could be hundreds of thousands, even a million or more, from a Muslim background.

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