Facelift is available for the Nissan NV300 Combi

The Nissan NV300 was incorporated in 2016 as the successor to the Primaster. Like the Primaster, the NV300 shares its genes with Renault Traffic, although the NV300 is certainly based on current traffic. Renault put its traffic on the cutting table last year, and now Nissan is upgrading the NV300 in a similar way. Nissan is currently only talking about the passenger version of the NV300, the facelifted NV300 Combi. Unlike the order version, the NV300 Camby is not available in the Netherlands. The additional regulator will undoubtedly follow suit later.

Nissan NV300 to NV400

Nissan NV300 (pre-mask, 2016-2021)

Like the traffic, the entire front of the NV300 combo will be modified. The facelifted NV300 Camby includes completely new LED headlights that are much flattering and thinner than the larger ones in the outgoing version. It doesn’t stop there. The NV300 Camby gets a larger, more angular grille that runs further down the nose. The whole is designed with a chrome colored ornament – which is enough – the reverse variant of Nissan’s famous V-Motion theme. The Nissan NV300 offers a new bumper with higher angle openings and a newer, more curved bonnet. You should be able to see the changes in the back with a magnifying glass. The dark rear light of the Nissan bus only gives the units.

Nissan NV300 bus

Nissan NV300 (pre-mask, 2016-2021)

The dashboard of the NV300 Combi has been completely updated. Here, too, it is made with convex, circular shapes. Although the front of the updated NV300 Camby is clearly different from its traffic brother, Nissan gets the whole interior of its French cousin. Now the separate infotainment screen extends from the center console to the center. Underneath the row of push buttons and rotary handles for climate control. The steering and tools are also completely new. The NV300 Camby is available in a variety of markets with 5, 6, 8 and 9 seats. The NV300 cable also benefits from the advent of new security systems such as blind spot detection, lane departure warning, traffic identification and adaptive travel control.

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The NV300 comes with three power versions of the Combi 2.0 DC diesel engine. There is a manual variant with 110hp, which is available with manual and automatic transmission of 150hp version and the 170hp version can only be combined with automatic transmission.

Renault Traffic previously owned the Opel and Vauxhall brothers in Vivaro form. Shortly after Opel Group fell under the PSA category, a new generation based on the Citroen Jumpy after Vivaro was a success. With the current traffic, the Fiat version of Talento is no longer in production. In Australia and New Zealand, the Mitsubishi menu has a traffic variant: Express.

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