Faith and Science: The Relationship Explained by Mark Eskins in The Question Mark Sower

“Science continues to face many question marks, which can indicate the limitation of human understanding and the existence of a dimension of existence that science cannot access.

Believers, for their part, can distance themselves from the hyper-physical conception of God, which is dogmatically put forward in terms of power.

Belief is not about measurable or experiential physical phenomena, but about values ​​that should make people more human, as described in the Good News, among other things. This has to do with a basic qualitative and existential dimension. A person can become more human if he believes in divine values ​​and hopes to share them. Thus his belief becomes a belief in progress, as the divine enters history as an attraction to those who open up to him. This is a story about an ethical event very different from the field of scientific research.”

From: “The question mark sower searches for the meaning of life.” Lanno, 2018, pp. 32-33.

– From Mark Iskins.

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