‘Fake influence (30) who deceived the New York jet set with the life of a millionaire is expelled from the United States’ | Abroad

German heirA Russian woman who played a wealthy German heir in New York is in danger of being deported from the United States in the short term when she has no real money. Anna Sorokin, 30, who is famous for her fiction, seems to no longer have a valid visa. U.S. media reported that he was arrested by the Immigration Service last Thursday.

The improbable life story of 30-year-old Anna Sorokin went around the world two years ago, after a judge proved that she had fooled half of the New York jet set under a different name for years. The woman infiltrated during her stay Big apple Many luxury parties and many millionaires believed he was a German heir with more than sixty million dollars in assets.

No one realized she was really broken; He was able to mislead many with his fluent speeches and fiction. It was later revealed that he stole more than 200,000 euros from various major hotels and banks.

To Germany

After his hopes of attracting global attention, he insisted that Sorokin was not entirely a Khan man. She would have been stunned by New York’s glitz and glamor and would have told only a few lies. She promised to erase her name after her release. He will now have to do this from his home country, because according to the American media, he will soon be deported to Germany and will not be allowed to enter the United States for the rest of his life. It is unclear whether Sorokin will compete at the end of the settlement.

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“She’s violated the visa, and there’s a hope on top of that. If she does not apply for a waiver, she can be fired immediately,” explains Immigration Attorney Steven Buklisi. New York Post. “If an application is pending, he will remain in custody until it is heard.” His own lawyer refuses to speak to the US media.


In a recent interview BBC He suggested that Sorokin was guilty and that his fictions had come a long way in his life. His story caused a stir that even Hollywood was fascinated by it. Shonda Rhymes, the mastermind behind successful TV series like Grace Anatomy and Scandal, has already announced that the series about ‘German Millionaire’s Daughter’ will soon be on Netflix.

For this he would have received several tons of sorority. “I try to turn the focus to positive,” he told the British broadcaster. This is clear from his other plans as well. He is working on a book and several projects are planned.

Luxurious life

For years, 30-year-old Anna Sorokin lived a luxurious life under a different name, like many socialists in New York’s rich scene. He wore expensive designer clothes, went to jet-set parties, dined at award-winning restaurants, visited an exclusive spa or sauna every weekend, slept in the finest hotels, and even rented a private plane. Sorokin once told the story that his father was a diplomat, at other times a successful businessman in an oil baron or solar panels. No one knew her dad was actually a former trucker. She was also broken.

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The woman, who is said to have $ 60 million in assets, had thousands of followers on Instagram, where she posted jealous photos every day. She had been out of speech for four years, but eventually she emerged as a con man.

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