Fans are holding Netflix accountable for ‘That ’70s Show’

Looking at the ratings for “That ’90s Show,” fans want to know: Where’s the predecessor?

This is a ’90s show Works well: 77% on Rotten Tomatoes. On social media, viewers were clear in their appreciation, but there was one question that stood out very well from the audience.

Why That 70s show Not on the platform?

Positive appreciation

Twitterer Sam points out the frequent cancellations of hit series:

Then there is the user:

Peacock platform

predecessor That 70s show It can be streamed on the Peacock platform. This platform can be viewed from the United States and a number of European countries (including Germany and Italy), but not in the Netherlands at this time.

rights That 70s show expired to Netflix in 2019, so the series was removed in 2020. Cersei-Werner, the rights holder, then went into business with Peacock. Whether the predecessor will return to Netflix in the future and thus be seen on multiple platforms is currently unknown.

This is a ’90s show It can be viewed at any time Netflix.

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