Fans were already in Pit Lane during Albany’s late pitching in Australia

John Bolsher

Striking images of Alexander Alban’s late bit stop in Australia have surfaced on social media. When the Williams driver arrived to pick up a new rubber, the fans were already walking down the ditch.

Alphonse and Williams had a hell of a weekend for the team, ending surprisingly at the first World Cup point of the season in Melbourne. The Thai British had to pay a fine to build three places anyway due to an incident in Jeddah, but to make matters worse on Saturday, he was eliminated from the qualifying round. However, an impressive tire strategy brought him to tenth place.

Impressive strategy

Alban rode no less than 57 in 58 laps on the hard tire. In the final lap, he went to the Porch according to tire rules, coming in ahead of Xu Guanyu’s Alfa Romeo and finishing tenth. In the meantime, however, pictures have emerged showing that the Albany tire change is coming to a good end.

Exciting moment on the pit path

Many VIP guests were invited to attend the stage ceremony. Because of this, they were taken to the stage via the pit path just before the flag was lowered. Usually this is not a problem, but due to Alban’s bit stop delay, another Formula 1 car suddenly tore the bit lane. This led to an intimate encounter. Anyone with an F1TV can view the pictures themselves through Williams Driver’s internal camera.

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