May 25, 2024


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Farmers demand space to do business along the cycling world championship track

Ook in het voorjaar voerde Boerenbond actie voor meer ruimte om te boeren en te ondernemen.

DrThe riders will cycle the Flandriencircuit this weekend through beautiful agricultural landscapes. “The farmers who make up these landscapes face many challenges in their sector, and therefore are asking for space to do business, space to continue their passion, and space to nurture the food of today and tomorrow,” explains Boerenbond President Sonja De Becker.

Shedding light on Flemish entrepreneurs in agriculture and horticulture

Groene Kring, an association of young farmers and horticulturalists, reinforces this message with its creative straw dolls: “We are a ‘Proud Farmer’ organization and we are thrilled to show cyclists and the world what we are committed to and must be able to continue that business into the future. , especially for small farmers and gardeners, is critical. Because a farm without land is like a pub without beer.”

Arvesta, a full-service partner for farmers and horticulturalists, also wants to highlight the entrepreneurship of our farmers and horticulturalists: “At Arvesta we are as proud of our Flandriens cycling as we are of our Belgian growers! Offers. Just like cyclists, our farmers are top performers and ensure delicious, sustainable local produce is on our plates every day. Our agricultural sector is among the best in the world and we are proud of that!” said Stephanie Dellol, Arvesta spokeswoman.

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