Fashion Designer Alexander Wang apologizes for allegations of sexual misconduct | Turns out

American fashion designer Alexander Wang said that he regrets hurting people with his behavior. On Instagram, 37-year-old Wang promises to recover soon. The apologies come after several people accused Wang of sexual misconduct.

“A number of individuals have recently made allegations about my past behavior. I support their right to express it, and have listened carefully to what they have to say.“ It was not easy for them to share these stories, and I am sorry that my actions hurt them, ”Wang said in his post.

He continues, “As we disagree on every detail of these face-to-face encounters, I will set a better example and use my stance and influence to encourage others to recognize harmful behavior. Life is about learning and growth, and now that I get better, I will behave better too.”

Video on Tik Tok

In January, model Owen Mooney told TikTok about his experiences with Wang. “He started to feel me, his hand on my leg and along the crotch. I completely froze because I was in shock. I looked left and saw that he is a very famous stylist.” After the video, more people quickly followed on social media accusing the fashion designer of misconduct. Sexual.

The fashion designer, who was a former Balenciaga creative director and has run his own brand since 2005, initially reacted anger at the rumors and has never denied guilty of the “heinous behavior” accused of them. Among the victims who have shared their stories, no legal action has yet been taken.

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