Favorite Ciko’66 lives up to her role in NK Athletics, even in ‘Worst Match Ever’ | Arnhem Sports

Benth Koenig, Tom Eggers and Lianne Holtermann were the lead candidates for the medal at the Dutch Athletics Championships in Apeldoorn. All three athletes on the Arnhem Ciko’66 lived up to expectations.

Koenig won the silver in the shot put, Eggers won the silver in the javelin and Holtermann bronze in the 400-meter hurdles. Gold was there for Nadine Visser in the 100m hurdles. Finally: the 27-year-old athlete from Arnhem has struggled with injuries for a long time. Daphne Schippers of Oosterbeek also took the gold in the 100m.

Huissense Lianne Holtermann’s performance in the extremely challenging 400m hurdles, Fimc Ball terrain, is impressive. Fortunately for Holtermann, Phenomenon Paul opted for the 200m race this weekend.


This was my worst match ever. It’s weird and I don’t have an explanation for it

Tom Eggers

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