FC Dordrecht coach angry at Joey Koig: ‘I advised him to stop and start rowing’ | Dutch football

In injury time, Danny Verbeek sent a cross to Ted van de Pavert who came in, who was slightly hindered by Dordrecht defender Ruggiero Mann. However, there was no doubt about the intent or the infringement, but for Judgment Kooij that was reason enough to indicate the place. Sam Hendrix did not miss the opportunity and signed 2-2 in the sixth minute of stoppage time, and in the end the final score.

After the final whistle, Dordrecht coach Santoni immediately went to the referee to complain. , he’s already whistled at a game at Almere City (Santoni’s old team, editor) and I know him “from” Frank de Boer. I think it’s a very modest judgment,” Santoni points out to Quig. I heard from KNVB that he should be a potentially big international referee, but I advised him to stop and start squandering. “

Due to the draw, FC Dordrecht failed to distance himself from the bottom positions. The club is stuck with 22 points from 26 games, just one point behind Helmond Sport (19) and two more than last-placed Mer City. “The match has to be decided by the players. If De Graafschap had made it 3-0 in the first half, I would have lived with it, but now I know we have to work even harder. It doesn’t do us any good,” Santoni says. I can’t tell KNVB The referees should be trained better.”

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