FC Volendam’s return to the Eredivisie after thirteen years: “Lovely, with the club from my village” | Dutch football

FC Volendam is finally back in the Eredivisie. After no less than thirteen seasons below one level, he moved up the club with a 1-2 victory over FC Den Bosch. The party, which was discussed some time ago, is now a reality.

By Bem Bell

Turning their backs to the field, jumping and jumping, the five hundred Volendam supporters who traveled with them celebrated a big party during the second half. After the final whistle, a roar finally erupted. Wim Junk, preoccupied with gesturing along the sidelines for ninety minutes, finally managed to clench his fists. Volendam could call himself the Eredivisie Club again.

Volendam’s players already felt important when they left for Den Bosch, although two more matches will follow after a disappointing result to get the three points needed. Fanatical fans from the bus waved orange torches and loud cheers. It was the logical consequence of a period of endless discussions and fantasies about how to celebrate a potential promotion. It may be dangerous, but it is also understandable in a way, after a long eredivisie-free period.

Nor did Volendam succumb to pressure, either. Den Bosch had a good chance in De Flirt, but it was Volendam who took the lead by goals from Josh Flint and Ronald Morin. Only Sebastian van Buckel did something in return. For Maureen, that was already his 28th goal of the season. He could try again in the Eredivisie, as he is not yet a confirmed top scorer.

Volendam celebrates 0-2 over Robert Moren. © Pro Shots / Erich Snijder

Jeroen Verhoeven and Melvin Platjee

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Volendam was already often a club in the Eredivisie, albeit usually for a short period. The last time was in the 2008-2009 season, when Frans Adelar was the coach and Jeroen Verhoeven, Melvin Platje and Jacques Twig were well-known players. The club became a teddy bear in the Eredivisie, but Jerry Koning, a native of the village, played a leading role in the decisive relegation match against de Graafschap with an own goal. Singer Jan Smit de Wegverberg left in tears at the time. He is now the proud commercial director.

What amazes a lot of Volendam celebrities: They’ve been successful this season. With Wim Jonk as coach, the club has started an impressive progression since 2019. The team has been praised for their attacking play. Players like Mickey van de Ven, Denso Cassius and Francesco Antonucci deserve a fantastic move to big clubs like Wolfsburg, Bologna and Feyenoord. But of the three seasons under Junk, the match this season has been considered the least attractive. However, the results were better this time around, leading to a second place in the Kitchen Champion Division behind Emmen, who has already been promoted.

Back and forth

Either way, it won’t make the party any less fun. The fishing village, which also produced many good football players, was already very much looking forward to the first leg match. Just have the discussion about whether you want to party with Heen en Weer, the well-known fishing boat that players have been taken aboard De Dijk van Volendam during promotions in the past. At first the municipality did not like this tradition, because of the large crowds, dangerous situations can arise in De Dijk. Meanwhile, regional broadcaster NH Nieuws visited 89-year-old Jan van Wundern, who had been a season-pass holder for seventy years and thus an expert on ups and downs, and navigated with him folders and files.

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After last night’s win, the promotion party is taking place on May 8 with a cruise, a ball party in a ballpark with performances by artists and a back-and-forth role. For Jan van Wundern, the 89-year-old cheerleader, it may be over. Thanks to this victory, Volendam was promoted for the tenth time in the club’s history. No other Dutch club can match it.

turbulent final stage

At the last stage, things went wrong.
At the last stage, things went wrong. © ANP

In a bizarre final match in which the referee paused the match, it was still a huge pressure on Volendam. Volendam players had to wait at least ten minutes while the speaker blamed the home crowd after throwing things on the field. In injury time it was turbulent including annoyance and red cards. He made the comfort and joy of Volendam even greater.

Maureen then said in ESPN† “You just have to do it for a while. I am really very proud of it. I often discussed it with my wife. Sometimes we said, ‘You can just explode.’ But I thought: Damn, let’s just try it. And now it worked.”

“We had a good plan three years ago, and in three years it’s very impressive,” Volendam coach Wim Jonk said after the 2-1 win over FC Den Bosch in front of the camera. ESPN† FC Volendam has underperformed in recent weeks, but Junk’s formation has managed to recover in time. After a difficult period, we are back again. We scored points at the right times and won the decisive matches.”


“This ball from the line is part of this game,” the coach said of Den Bosch’s big chance for a late equaliser. “If the connection doesn’t exist anymore, you’ll get in trouble. I’m very proud of them. Now we’re going to have a good party first and then think about next season later.”

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Kitchen Champion Division results

FC Emmen – Roda 2-0
FC Dean Bosch – FC Volendam 1-2
Telstar – FC Eindhoven 0-1
Helmond Sport – De Graafschap 0-4
Excelsior – Young AZ 3-3
NAC Breda – FC Dordrecht 1-2
Top Oss – Almere City 2-3

View stats and functionality in the Kitchen Champion Division here.

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