Featured in America: Triumph Tiger 850 Sport


A document authorizing a new Triumph model has appeared in the United States. And Triumph Tiger 850 Sport. Insiders said it is likely to be a new street-oriented version of the Tiger 900.

This appears to be confirmed by leaked photos of a US merchant show. Therefore, this is a variant of the Tiger 900, which is positioned distinctly differently from its brethren. The focus should be on a fun, street-oriented bike. Thus, the engine follows in the footsteps of the Triumph Tiger Sport, which the British did not throw over the hurdles of Euro5.

Like the Tiger 900s, the Tiger 850 Sport is powered by the brand’s three-cylinder 887 cc. The maximum power will be, just like the rest, 95 horsepower and 87 Nm of torque. Less than the Tiger Sport, because the 1050 cc block was good for 126 hp and 106 Nm of torque. On the other hand, the Tiger 850 Sport weighs much less. The new model puts 20 kilograms less on the scale than its heavy predecessor, which weighs more than 240 kilograms.

It is not yet clear what the body of the Tiger 850 Sport will look like. Sources about Triumph say the bike will be brand new in this respect. For example, the 850 Sport is said to run on 17-inch wheels, and the suspension travel and wide tires have been shortened. And so off-road ambitions are completely thrown into the sea, as the bike is creeping towards a super moto. looks good!

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