Feminist and writer Bell Hooks, 69, has died

In the United States, author and professor Gloria Jean Watkins, better known by her nickname Bell Hooks, has died at the age of 69. In addition to being an educator, Watkins was also a feminist figure. She had other things out of her hand Am I not a woman? (So am I not a girl?), A leading feminist work.

After a long illness, the teacher died in the presence of his family. Watkins used his grandmother’s name as an author without capital letters because he wanted to emphasize the content of his work, but not his identity.

He has authored more than thirty books under the pseudonym and his works have been translated into more than fifteen languages. Am I not a woman?, In the position of black women, is considered intelligent within feminist thought. The author was also nominated for the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.

Watkins grew up in Kentucky and attended a segregated school. In his work he focused more on factors such as social identity and race, gender and social class. He has been a professor at several institutions, including the University of California – Santa Cruz and San Francisco State University.

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