Fernando Alonso praises Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen: “It’s hard to see their weaknesses”

Two-time world champion Fernando Alonso has to admit he enjoyed the fierce battle he pitted against Spaniard Lewis Hamilton after the Australian Grand Prix. The 41-year-old sees the same with Max Verstappen and credits both for spotting certain weaknesses.

Hamilton and Alonso were still teammates at McLaren in 2007. Since that period, a true feud has developed between the two champions. Although the relationship between the two drivers is often said to be less than ideal, there seems to be mutual respect. While Hamilton ultimately chose Mercedes and was able to drive to titles, Alonso took a completely different path. Ultimately, Britain has had better material at its disposal in recent years, but it will be different in 2023. The two have already come into contact with each other several times in the last three races.

Fighting with Hamilton

insists the 41-year-old driver Racial fans Must come from good homes to beat Hamilton. “What we saw in Australia was that we were within two seconds of each other throughout the race, we played with a bit of distance. At the end he had no weakness, he didn’t make mistakes,” Alonso said of his Briton. colleague . Although he had no chance of overtaking the seven-time champion in Melbourne, Alonso relished the fight. “He’s a very tough competitor. To beat him, you always have to be something special. These are the guys you want to challenge,” Alonso said.

‘Verstappen is unbreakable’

The Aston Martin driver has praised Verstappen in the past and has drawn comparisons between the Dutchman and Hamilton. “The same goes for Max at the moment, he looks unbreakable. Red Bull is fast. He doesn’t make mistakes. So one day you want to fight him. It’s hard to see the weaknesses in his driving. That’s why you need a special weekend to beat them and that’s what really motivates everyone,” he said. Said the current number three in the championship.

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