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In June, the city council unanimously called for a “structural funding solution” to keep the boat in Slois. “Alderman has been completely ignored for a long time,” says George Meiz of VVD Terneuzen. In addition, the politician noted the critical shortfall: “In addition to the province and the municipality of Terneuzen, the Rijkswaterstaat, the North Sea Port and the business community will be financed. No attempt has been made to do so.”

In 2025
Alderman von Assay admits he’s not actively looking for parties to share the costs of: “Rijkswaterstadt has stated it does not want to be reimbursed. We have not taken any further action to ask for a financial contribution.” This means that after 2025, there seems to be uncertainty about whether the boat will continue. Van Assi: “Then we would like to reconsider whether everything is done more safely, especially considering the age of the volunteers who travel by boat.”

The boat is very old now. There is no financial opportunity for any maintenance issues. Not to mention buying a new boat. Meij does not believe there are other motives behind this: “If the church does not want a new ship to be built, it must be honest.”

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