“Feyenoord fans are definitely not welcome in Rome: the ministry bans the sale of tickets to Feyenoord fans” | Dutch football

Feyenoord fans are certainly not welcome in Roma during the Roma-Feyenoord match on April 20th. Several Italian media reported that the Interior Ministry had decided to ban the sale of tickets to fans.

Dan de Holster and Angelo van Schaik

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31-03-23, 20:26

Among other things La Gazzetta dello Sport Reportedly, fans are not welcome, but that official outreach will follow soon. With this, the Ministry follows the position of the Romanian mayor, Roberto Gualtieri. He said a day after the draw that he preferred not to receive Feyenoord players in his city. This is due to disturbances eight years earlier in a previous match between the two clubs. The decision was made for fear of new misconduct from the Feyenoord supporters. In the days following the competition, Rome will also receive inspectors from the 2030 World Expo, a major event the city has applied for.

According to the rules, the Roma club is obliged to hand over 5 percent of the tickets in the 70,000-seat Olympic Stadium to Feyenoord. FC Rotterdam has no UEFA sanctions pending for this match and should therefore be allowed to sell tickets to their fans.

Home courses are sold out

The Italian newspaper reported last week La Republica On its own authority, Feyenoord supporters would simply be welcome in Rome, but this news was not confirmed when asked by spokespeople for the mayor of Rome, the Italian Ministry of the Interior and the Romanian police.

Roma-Feyenoord will play in a full stadium anyway. All tickets for the home audience sold out quickly last week.

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