Feyenoord wants more space in the Eredivisie table: ‘This helps to survive the semi-finals’

Feyenoord coach Arne Slot is hoping KNVB can make some changes to the Eredivisie schedule. The club will play Marseille twice in the semi-finals of the Conference League and will appreciate some extra time between those matches and the Eredivisie matches.

But will that happen? This opportunity seems small. And it was already impossible to move the Utrecht match, Sunday in Rotterdam, from Sunday noon to Saturday evening. “This was not rejected by the KNVB, but by the municipality of Rotterdam,” Sloot said at a news conference on Friday.

The second match in which Feyenoord may be hoping for help from the KNVB is next Sunday’s match in Limburg against Fortuna Sittard. It is located exactly between the two matches against Olympique Marseille. KNVB has already adjusted the starting time from 14:30 to 16:45, but it would be ideal if the match was postponed.

“We haven’t made that request yet,” Sloot said. “We are talking about it internally and thinking about it. But it helps to stay in the semi-finals, and there will be no discussion about that.”

Then there is De Koep’s match against PSV Eindhoven, after a double with Marseille. A match that could be decisive in the fight for the national title, but also a match in which Feyenoord appears to have to get results in order to be able to fend off Twente in the fight for 3rd place.

“We’re also thinking about that match. Whether the match against PSV could come later in terms of time, for example,” said Slot.

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Slot is tired of a few more questions about his possible arrival at Ajax. He doesn’t want to say anything else about it: “I sometimes hear Pep Guardiola say: Next question. Let me use that from now on, if there are still questions about Ajax.”

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