Feyenoord’s coach Slot gives Bigelow a place in the World Cup selection: ‘Excellent response’

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Arne Sloot doesn’t say it out loud, but if anyone in his eyes deserves a place in the World Cup pick for the Dutch national team, it’s his goalkeeper Justin Bello. “He has maintained an excellent performance from the moment he is no longer called,” said Feyenoord’s coach.

Due to the lack of form, the goalkeeper was only called up by national coach Louis van Gaal in the last international period to coach a specific penalty kick. Jasper Cillessen, Rymko Pasfer, Andres Neubert and Marc Felix were then favored in the selections for the match.

According to Slot, Bijlow “has to work” and the goalkeeper has risen, with a crushing performance against Lazio in the Europa League as the highlight of the moment. “I think he really stood out against Lazio,” Slot said in the run-up to Feyenoord’s make-up match with Kambur (Thursday at 8pm).

great experience

Slot isn’t the guy to talk to Bijlow in choosing Orange, but “I’d really give it to him, as would the other boys who qualify.” Sloot: “It’s a great experience and you also take something like that in your luggage. It also makes you a better player or goalkeeper. But will it also happen to Bigelow? We’ll hear about it on Friday.”

Slot awards Bijlow’s World Cup pick: ‘Excellent response because he is no longer called up’

Last Sunday at Studio Voetbal, analysts already agreed that Bijlow would go to the World Cup. “He is the best goalkeeper, and also for the future,” said Raphael van der Vaart, who made a critical note about the goalkeeper’s fitness.

Van der Vaart wonders, “I think Bigelow can do anything. Just, did Bigelow’s current form come at the right time for Van Gaal?” Other table masters, Pierre van Hooydonk and Ibrahim Afellay, see Jasper Cillessen as the favorite to become the first goalkeeper for the Orange team in Qatar.

After disappointments against Fortuna Sittard (1-1) and Storm Graz (loss 1-0), Feyenoord was able to turn the momentum with victories, notably Lazio (1-0) and Volendam (0-2).

In particular, the home match against Fortuna, in which Feyenoord suffered a loss of points due to a moderate first half, was used by Slots to keep his players steady.

“The word ‘Fortuna’ has been mentioned a few times this week, and that’s something you say to the players,” the coach said. “I told them it’s a pity you only used 45 minutes to try to win the match.”

Van Persie as future coach of Feyenoord

If anyone knows what winning is, it’s Robin van Persie. The former international has been touring Farkenward for some time as a youth coach and on occasion also joins first team coaching as an assistant.

Tuesday gave in Youtube interview From BT Sport he wants to pursue UEFA Pro training, the highest coach diploma available from next season. “As a kid I grew up with Feyenoord,” Van Persie said. “I would like to become the club’s coach one day.”

Sloot applauds the future plans of the former International. “Lee van Persie seems to be a great coach for Feyenoord, also because he is a very nice person. And secondly, he happens to be very driven. It would be great for Feyenoord.”

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