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New member of the ‘fifamily’: Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima (41). Best used to promote the upcoming Women’s World Cup. A combination that certainly won’t go down well in Australia, where the World Cup is being held. Fifa president Gianni Infantino was unharmed during a firefight during the last World Cup in Qatar.

“Seriously, FIFA? Is this a harbinger of increased fan engagement as the 2023 Women’s World Cup approaches? #toondeaf” Ambassador in question Adriana Lima: She has been selected by FIFA to co-create and promote various global initiatives ahead of the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand from July 20 to August 20. Former vice-chairman of the Australian women’s team, the Matildas, and a former member of the FIFA council, Moya Todd, was prosecuted. As a former Victoria’s Secret model, she thinks Lima is bad for the game and how it’s perceived.

“When a girl plays soccer, she’s looked at differently,” Todd explains. “Then she will no longer be admired because she is beautiful or thanks to her beautiful clothes, but for her solid tackles or great goals. Then she will be admired for what she does, not for what she looks like, on an equal footing with the boys to affect her entire career path. will be kept

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Adriana Lima on stage at the Best FIFA Awards in Paris on Monday night.
Adriana Lima on stage at the Best FIFA Awards in Paris on Monday night. © Photo News

Lima appeared on the Paris stage of FIFA’s ‘The Best’ awards on Monday. A leading role awaits the fashion icon leader Gianni Infantino. “When you meet Adriana, you immediately realize how much she loves football. She lives, breathes ‘football’, is warm and friendly. She can be a great link between FIFA and football fans around the world.

Todd doesn’t see it that way. “How can such a model characterize an organization that wants to embrace women and girls’ power in football? For a president who is supposed to be a champion of promoting gender equality – yes, it’s in FIFA’s governing rules. However, not wanting to generalize, a quick look at Wikipedia shows Lima’s crash diet and abortion as a crime. Shows a reputation for trust.Losing 3.5kg in 9 days doesn’t sound healthy to me.


Todd isn’t alone in that opinion. For example, General Dorman, head of Women’s Sport Australia, thinks someone like US World Cup winner Megan Rapinoe would be a great signboard. “Why go for a supermodel when you can choose Rapinoe, Sam Kerr or many footballers who have already earned their stripes in the game? They should be supporting this campaign, not Adriana Lima.

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