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Football on the field

Football on the field

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Complaints have been lodged with ad watchdogs in many countries about the claim FIFA The World Cup will be held “climate-neutral”. This happened in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium, France and Switzerland. In the Netherlands, Fossil Free Football has filed a complaint with Advertising Code Committee.

Athletes’ Call

The organizations are backed by well-known athletes and sports organizations who are calling for FIFA in a letter to stop incorrect climate claims and make future tournaments truly sustainable. This includes the 44-time international and Rangers player Tesell Medag: “The climate crisis is also affecting football. As a footballer, you want the sports federations to be serious about this and to organize the sport as sustainably as possible. It starts with being honest about where you are right now and making a plan. That’s what FIFA has to do now.”

FIFA’s allegations are misleading for fans, both those who have bought tickets and the billions of people who will watch the World Cup on TV. The complaint also explains how well-known former footballers such as Ronald de Boer and David Beckham participated in the misleading campaigns of the World Cup organisation.

carbon dioxide compensation

Carbon dioxide compensation, which “neutralizes” emissions to 0, in no way works. If that happens, it is important that it meets international minimum standards, which is not the case now. in the complaint aboutThe first ever FIFA World Cup is completely carbon-neutralHe explained, among other things, that the tournament’s calculations of carbon dioxide emissions were incorrect, among other things because they severely underestimated emissions from stadium construction.

Make fair climate plans

In addition to complaints, players and sports organizations are also sending an open letter to FIFA. The letter calls on FIFA to stop this deception and focus on truly reducing CO2 emissions in their tournaments. Frank Huising of Fossil Free Football on the message: “FIFA must do better: the organization must stop lying and quickly put in place serious and fair climate plans. Then we can look back on the World Cup in Qatar as the moment the football world said Farewell to the age of climate lies and sponsors.”

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