“FIFA takes the lead: 2026 FIFA World Cup has a record number of 104 (!) matches” | sports

The 2026 World Cup in the United States, Mexico and Canada will feature a record 104 matches. that reports The New York Times Based on multiple sources. FIFA plans to announce this on Tuesday at a conference in Kigali, as President Gianni Infantino will be re-elected on Thursday.

The next World Cup will have not 32, but 48 participants. FIFA initially wanted to divide all country teams into sixteen groups of three, but FIFA will now stick to groups of four.

This would increase the number of matches to 104, 40 more than during the last World Cup in Qatar, which lasted 29 days. The 2026 World Cup was supposed to be set aside for 40 days.

During the World Cup in Qatar, Infantino was very satisfied with the four-team group system. He said, “On many sets I stayed sexy until the last minute”. FIFA could earn a lot more as the World Cup expands. The FIFA will count on a turnover of 11 billion euros over the next four years, almost 4 billion more than the cycle leading up to the World Cup in Qatar.

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