Fifteen Dutch people traveled to Serbia to be vaccinated

People wait in line to get the AstraZeneca vaccine in Belgrade, Serbia.  AP image
People wait in line to get the AstraZeneca vaccine in Belgrade, Serbia.AP image

Serbia has a surplus of vaccines and therefore is now vaccinating foreigners. Usually, the small travel company Party in Belgrade from Eindhoven offers trips for groups who want to immerse themselves in the famous nightlife of the Serbian capital, but things are currently on hold. Now the company of IT specialist Thomas Zaatman (34) helps the Dutch who want to go to Serbia to get a vaccine by arranging apartments or hotels, safe transportation, tests for the return flight to the Netherlands and filling in the necessary Serbian forms.

Serbian phone number

It all started with a coincidence, a month ago, when a couple who rented an apartment through us asked if we had a Serbian phone number for them. This is necessary to register the vaccination request. ”Soon after, he received about 15 requests for help, all from people over the age of 60.” I suspect it is from the first couple’s network. They want to have an injection in Belgrade, because they think vaccination is too slow in the Netherlands. ”

Zaatman asked some of them to explain their decision to get the injection in Serbia, but none of them was willing to do so. They want to stay under the radar. ”

Unnecessary travel

Ethical considerations may play a role. After all, the Dutch government still strictly prohibits non-essential travel abroad. This is also the reason why Zaatman does not actively offer or promote vaccination trips. Dutch pollution numbers are also high. For example, Germany now also requires a negative test for people entering from our country. We provide assistance on request, but we will not offer A to Z packages with flight and PCR testing in the Netherlands, ”explains Zaatman.

He says he has little to do with it. “If we can do it again, we just want to offer great group trips again. That’s what we do for it. Until then, we help people if they ask for it and if possible, based on our connections and our experiences.”

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