Film connoisseur Robert Blokland: The Elvis movie will be a huge hit

after, after rocket man And the bohemian rhapsody Music lovers will soon be able to immerse themselves in the cinema once again. The life of rock and roll legend, Elvis Presley was also depicted. In the movie, you can get a glimpse into Elvis’ life and the complex relationship he had with his business manager, Colonel Tom Parker. This film also gives a Dutch touch, because Colonel Parker came from Brabant. Under mysterious circumstances, Parker left Holland and later became a famous manager in America. “If it weren’t for Colonel Parker, Elvis would never have grown this big,” says Robert Blokland. “He’s a man with two sides.” “He was a man who saw opportunities, a man who wasted a lot of money, who committed fraud and corrupted Elvis as well. But he was also the one who said, ‘Elvis, you have to come up on a big stage, because I have incredible talent and I can do something no one else can do’ doing it “.

“It goes with the atmosphere”

The film was produced by Baz Luhrmann, who, among others, Australia And the Moulin Rouge! made. “I thought it was cool. For three hours, you’re going to really hit the montage and the glitter and the magic and a lot of sparkly scenes. And at some point it’s tiring. I can totally immerse myself in it, but there are also people who say, ‘I’ve seen it now’.” The movie can be seen in cinemas starting next Thursday and, according to a movie connoisseur, will be a huge hit. “It’s basically the atmosphere that you go with. Just like with Elton John, you can’t tell everything about his life, but you go in with the atmosphere. And what an important Elvis is.”

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