Film disasters become a reality: ‘Impossible in the Netherlands’

Those who have seen movies like The Day After Tomorrow in 2004 or Into the Storm in 2014 would never have thought such a thing would come true. However, the series of hurricanes is coming very close last weekend.

“As a result of climate change, we are seeing more extreme conditions,” meteorologist Rainier van den Berg told EditieNL. “Hot weather, hurricanes and floods.” There are examples of this in the Netherlands as well. “We often see gusts of wind in the Lirsam area because it’s part of a warmer climate. Or floods in Limburg, Belgium and Germany.”

Puzzle pieces

But the fact that the movies then become a reality is mainly a coincidence. “Thousands of films are made every year. There will always be a good film,” says film expert Rudy de Boer. One thing that has come true recently is infection. “It’s about a virus that came from China. Now we’ll see that story again.” According to de Boer, there are some films with potential predictive value in and around the Netherlands. “Hollywood always exaggerates.”

But such a catastrophic situation is unlikely in the Netherlands anyway. “It’s almost impossible,” says meteorologist Van Den Berg. “Circumstances are very exceptional. Then all sorts of puzzle pieces have to take place. Conditions like heat, humidity and high winds are very rare in our parts of Europe.”

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