Fimic Ball rushes to the European Championship gold at a distance of 400 meters | sports

Paul time is also the best European time of the year and world time for the second time in 2022.

The gold medal in the 400m is part of her mission in this fight for the European title. The 22-year-old Paul is also looking for gold in the 400m hurdles on Friday.

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Another Dutchman, Lake Claver, was eliminated in the final of the awards. She opened really fast and advanced mid-race, but Klaver lacked power in the latter part and finished sixth in 50.56.

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Liemarvin Bonevacia failed to take a slide in the 400 metres. The 33-year-old athlete finished fourth in the final with a time of 45.17 seconds. That time was also credited to Alex Haydock-Wilson, but the Briton was 8 milliseconds faster. Briton Matthew Hudson Smith extended his title with a time of 44.53. Switzerland’s Ricky Petrociani won the silver with a time of 45.03.

“It’s frustrating, but I did my best,” Bonifacia said, resigning somewhat to the NOS. “I tried to finish third, I was fighting really hard, but I couldn’t. However, I am still positive, because I had my best season.”

Limarvin Bonifacia.

Limarvin Bonifacia.

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