Final season of ‘The Walking Dead’ is coming to Fox and Disney+

The final season of

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Final season of ‘The Walking Dead’ is coming to Fox and Disney+

Members the walking Dead The final season can be watched shortly after its US premiere. They can turn to two parties for this.

The eleventh season of the hit series the walking Dead almost. This latest season promises to be incredibly exciting again and many fans can’t wait to watch it. This time you don’t have to be patient at all.

Already the day after the premiere in the United States, the eleventh season of this series can also be watched in the Netherlands. Concretely, this means that the first episode of the final season will indeed be shown in the Netherlands on August 23. This episode will be available on FOX and Disney+.

Weekly episodes

To be clear, it goes without saying that new episodes are added every week. This always happens on both Fox and Disney+. This way people can choose for themselves which party they prefer to watch the episodes.

the walking Dead It premiered in 2010 and thus ended up having eleven seasons. The eleventh and final season consists of 24 episodes.

If you’d like a taste of last season, you can watch the trailer below.

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