Finally, Apple makes it possible to repair your iPhone yourself

Provided you're brave enough to fix it yourself to start with...

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Provided you’re brave enough to fix it yourself to start with…

Apple announces the new version Self Service Repair The program, which creates an ecosystem that allows consumers to make their own repairs.

Starting early next year, Apple will start selling tools, parts, and instructions to customers brave enough to repair their iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 line. Supported repairs include replacing the screen, battery, or camera with more options to fix it later in the year. Apple also plans to launch products for customers who want their M1 Mac repaired. Of course you can still do this at the Apple Store or at a third party.

While this is a big win for the Right to Repair movement, there is still the issue of warranty expiring if you do the repair yourself. Take Crunch It says that these Apple repairs won’t void your warranty, but that damaging your device could be a problem.

Apple’s self-service repair program is launching first in the US and then expanding to other countries.

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