Finally back in the cinema, but which movie? You definitely want to see this

We ask, movie theaters are working. The movie – which is based on the popular book The knife from not letting her go – It is set in the not-too-distant future. On a planet where Todd (Tom Holland – we’ve already said it: very cute, cute names) lives, all the women are gone. The rest of men are destroyed by what they call “noise”: a force that ensures that all men’s thoughts are heard by all.

“Walking in Chaos”

You understand: chaos is everywhere. But then the mysterious Viola (played by Daisy Ridley, better known for her star Wars) with her ship on the planet. Something that makes men’s minds, or … audible. But Daisy’s arrival also brings some danger. Todd promises to protect her, but for that (*insert heavy cinematic sound*) he must reveal the planet’s dark secrets.

A movie that goes well hunger GamesAnd forked in a Passengers Fits, and also comes from the hand of Doug Lehman, Director Born’s identity in a edge of tomorrow. In other words: someone who knows how to kick you out of your cinema seat. This also confirms the movie trailer you are watching above this article.

The movie “Chaos Walk” Opens in cinemas starting June 24.

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