Finally the curtain fell on “Better Call Saul”

The final episode of the series is now available to watch on Netflix…

Jeffrey Kettles, Aug 16, 2022 at 2:53 pm

*** Please note that this post may contain spoilers ***

series lovers The best of Saul on demand Of course I managed to prepare for it a little. However, the end of the series is really here. After all, the thirteenth and final episode of season six can now be streamed on the Netflix streaming service.

After having a conversation with Kim, Jin walked in the wrong direction. For most of the series’ storyline, Jane was in hiding. This way he can avoid being blackmailed by a taxi driver named Jeff.

In the end, Gene reconnects with Jeff and Buddy with the goal of developing greater criminal activities after the mall robbery.

As for Jin’s timeline, she had actually been preparing Seol Goodman’s demise for quite some time now. So many fans are wondering if the arrest will follow during the final episode.

How the series finally ends can now be seen for all. After Dutch and Belgian fans had to be a bit patient, the final episode of the series is here with us too. Netflix to watch.

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