First British strawberries of the year on Alty shelves

Aldi has purchased the first British strawberries in 2021. The supermarket chain shared this this week. Strawberries have been on the shelves since yesterday.

British strawberries are usually only available at the beginning of summer, on June 20th, but now the third year Aldi has the first British soft fruit on its shelves earlier this year. So the strawberry season starts earlier and earlier due to innovative cultivation techniques and warmer temperatures.

John Lloyd was one of the farmers who helped bring the best British produce to the shops, and worked with Aldi for over 7 years. He has a farm in Glamorgan Valley. “The moment when the first UK strawberries are harvested is always eagerly awaited, and advances in cultivation techniques allow one to be among the first to harvest soft fruits,” says John. “We are very proud of these strawberries. They are a great example of quality British production and we are pleased to offer them to fruit lovers earlier this year.”

True strawberry fans will have to travel to Hereford, where the strawberries – fresh from the field – will go on sale on Ekn Street from Thursday, February 18th. After that, the strawberries will be delivered to stores across the UK.

Julie Ashfield, General Purchasing Manager at Aldi: “We are increasing the amount of food and beverages we buy from UK suppliers every year by 3.5 3.5 billion (over 4 4 billion), creating even more opportunities for UK food and beverage manufacturers.

“Working very closely with these farmers and producers allows us to deliver innovative British products to our customers and respond quickly to what they want. This year people want to start the summer and make more use of the offer. We are glad we can do it.”

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