First date bartender Victor Abelin met his love at the bar: “As it should” | entertainment

Two months after Victor announced last August that his previous relationship had ended, the waiter was seen vacationing in the Antilles with a new torch. Victor explained at the time: “We’ve known each other for more than two weeks and then we were together in Curaçao.” Show news

And although six months ago he could not confirm that it was officially in operation, all doubts have now disappeared like snow in the sun. The couple appeared in love on the red carpet for the Young Patrons Gala last weekend.

“awesome man”

Highlights: Victor, the face of the country’s most popular dating show, thinks you should bump into the love of your life “in real life.” “I met her at the bar, as it should be. That’s how it all began,” he recalls the moment in front of the camera RTL Boulevard† What does a waiter love about Renee? “She’s really very smart, and I find that very attractive. And just funny, fun, excited…yes, I can go on.”

on me Show news Renee answers the same question: “He’s an amazing guy. I’ve been in love since the moment I saw him.” And this is dangerous, evidenced by the fact that the spouses are “carefully looking” at a house in which to move to live together.

Don’t feel like dating

Last summer, Victor’s previous relationship ended. in Veronica Superguide He said he and his ex-partner “go through a lot” in their three and a half years together. Also because she has MS. But that’s not why it’s over between us. “We didn’t feel like dating,” said Victor, who added at the time.

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