First: Ferrari captures the talent of Dutch racing Maya Woj (16) | sport

A Ferrari Formula 1 team has signed a contract with a Belgian / Dutch driver for the first time. It’s about 16-year-old Maya Weug, who competes in the kart class. It will be trained by Italians in their academy.

Weug won a five-day exploration competition. She’s now had the opportunity to prove herself in Formula 4 for a year.

“This is an important moment in our training,” said Mattia Binotto, president of Ferrari Formula 1. “The arrival of Maya proves that we no longer see motorsport as something of a limited group. We want the sport to be more diverse.”

The last woman in Formula 1 in 1976

Usually men dominate the racing world. In 1976, a woman competed in the Formula 1 race for the last time, and that was Italian Leela Lombardy.

Wujug was born in Spain, where she also grew up. She has a Belgian mother and a Dutch father. At the age of seven, she entered the kart for the first time, and two years later she made her debut at the competitive level in a regional competition in Spain.

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