First major Xbox Series X exclusive.

It took a few months, but we can finally say that Xbox Series X has received its first major exclusivity in the form of The Medium. In this psychological horror game you play Marianne. Marian is, as the name of the game says, a medium that can contact deceased people. JJ loves these types of games and has played part of the start of the game on The Medium Let’s Play. And you know how to be JJ, so a big mistake happens …

Living in two worlds

The medium has a unique playing mechanism. You are playing the game in two worlds at the same time. The world of the living and the world of the dead. One world will have an effect on another. This means that your screen is divided into two parts. Square 1 consists of the natural world. Square 2 consists of a creepy world that resembles a silent hill. Suppose you focus on the natural world and don’t go further, then there is a possibility that the solution is in the other world.

Team Bloober

The name Bloober Team isn’t a name that immediately comes to mind when talking about games. But since 2016 they have become regular players in the horror genre. For example, they are the makers of Layers of Fear. And for people who don’t like the name Layers of Fear, the game has been considered one of the best horror games of the last few years. Since then they have produced the Observer, Layers of Fear 2, and Blair Witch. And while all of these games weren’t necessarily bad, they failed to make an impact as Layers of Fear’s first installment. But now, as the first Xbox Series X exclusive, this is the perfect opportunity for Team Bloober to make an impact. Do they know how to make an impact on JJ? You can see it on The Medium Let’s Play on Monster PC. Because that’s where it looks best.

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