First rehearsal Jeangu Macrooy: A Flawless and Lively Voice | Countdown to the end of the Eurovision Song Contest

VideoWith a flawless vocal performance, Django McCroy gave the first rehearsal for the Eurovision Song Contest this afternoon. The singer shares the stage with his twin brother Xillan and A Mili, both of whom support vocalists and dancer / choreographer Gil Gomes Leal.

At the beginning of the song, the dancer intentionally takes some attention away from Macroe, hmm The birth of a new era Persuasively and lively. Macroe sang powerfully and broadcast on stage. In the half hour that was available to him, he was able to rehearse the song three times.

The singer cleverly takes advantage of the possibilities in his acting by singing and dancing not only on the big stage, but also on the stage and on the smaller stage. It uses a transparent LCD screen that can be lowered from the ceiling to finish off the colorful, cheerful and cheerful song. In the press room at Ahoy, Macroe received a standing ovation, perhaps in part due to the feature of the house.

The Netherlands did not do well with bookmakers until Thursday. Once the artists have had their first rehearsals, the effects of that can be seen in these surveys within a day. Malta returned to the top of the bookmaker after the second rehearsal on Thursday, Italy climbed to third after a convincing performance earlier in the day, at the expense of Switzerland.

Jeangu Macrooy is in blue with his support for singers and dancers © Afrotros

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