First Steps Taken for Mars’ flight Healy, ‘success will mean breakthrough’

NASA has a lot Space early adopters Record, but flying a helicopter in the air on another planet has never happened before. That has to change this week, as the Mars Ingenuity helicopter makes its maiden flight. A true piece of art in the extremely thin atmosphere of the red planet, says planetary scientist Daphne Stamm (TU Delft).

To emphasize the historical significance of the journey. The lightweight helicopter received a small cloth from the Wright Flyer. The Wright brothers made their first powered flight on Earth in 1903 with this plane.

This is suitable for more than one reason, because the Mars helicopter will not come much higher and longer than that first flight with the Wright Flyer. The first attempt, Sunday at the earliest, will take about 20 to 30 seconds and creativity will have to take off three meters. For subsequent flights, the device rises five meters.

Five flights are planned this month, which will last up to 90 seconds. After that, perseverance, the vehicle that should be kept close because it is necessary for the communication between the helicopter and the ground, Used again for other tasks.

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